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NASA ED Mall Collection Scope Statement

Document purpose

This document describes the scope of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Education Office's ED Mall Collection (ED Mall). The purpose of this scope statement is to provide the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) a description of ED Mall's:

This scope statement is provided in order to assist users in determining if the ED Mall is a likely place to successfully find materials they need.


ED Mall is conceived to specifically provide educators who have worked with NASA Education Programs with a direct line of access to requested NASA web-based information and data without the time consuming inconvenience of searching through multiple keyword search results and websites for that information. The ED Mall collection supports the Earth system science curriculum developed by NASA scientists from the Earth Science Enterprise, a team of teachers from Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and the Education Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. ED Mall supports Earth system education along numerous dimensions.

Collection scope

The present scope of the ED Mall collection is Earth system education, with particular emphasis on resources that support the Earth Science curriculum developed by the NASA GSFC Education Office in collaboration with Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The collection seeks resources that bring the Earth System into the classroom or other learning sites, and which demonstrate the application of science to solving real world problems. The collection favors materials that are well-documented, easy to use, bug-free, motivational for learners, pedagogically effective, scientifically accurate, and which foster mastery of significant understandings or skills. The ED Mall collection also favors resources predominately produced through NASA funding.

The types of materials to be collected include: research and education materials, and sources of content, field trips, and tools. All geographic areas of Earth, its atmosphere and oceans, are covered in ED Mall.


Collection contacts

Please direct questions about the ED Mall to Bob Gabrys. Inquiries are answered as soon as possible.

Quality assurance

Resource quality assurance

The resources made accessible via the ED Mall collection adhere to the requirements of DLESE. Resources are reviewed by NASA education specialists before being included in the ED Mall collection.

Metadata quality assurance

The metadata records are generated by ED Mall staff and are reviewed for meeting minimum DLESE metadata requirements, spelling and data integrity. If users of the collection find errors or have suggestions for improvement for either the resources in the collection or for the metadata of the collection, ED Mall will consider the suggestions and make changes as appropriate.

Persistence plan

The collection is expected to continue growing and to exist indefinitely as long as funding is reliable. If the ED Mall funding situation changes dramatically enough to impact operations, ED Mall will contact NASA ESSEC and make arrangements to continue to make the ED Mall resources accessible.

Terms of use

Resource terms of use

For the ED Mall collection, terms of use issues have two components, a resource's terms of use and metadata terms of use. The ED Mall attempts to provide a statement of copyright information or information on how a resource may be used is provided. Library users are encouraged to read the copyright information or go directly to the cataloged resource to obtain the latest copyright and terms of use for a resource. If a copyright statement cannot be determined readily, ED Mall tries to indicate this with the following statement: Copyright and other restrictions information is unknown. In general, NASA text, images and materials, including metadata, are typically not copyrighted. Please refer to:

Metadata terms of use

ED Mall metadata records are public domain as works of NASA and are subject to U.S. Code, Title 17, Sec 105 copyright law. Please refer to Individual metadata records are available for harvest from ED Mall.

Last updated: 2004-10-29
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