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Logos for NSDL

Collection logos are not currently used in DLESE. However, as a service to collection builders, DLESE will provide collections to the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). NSDL requires a logo of 100 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall. The table below shows the collection logos for the collections DLESE provides to NSDL. Images should be provided as gif, png, or jpg. If a logo contains a tag line of more than one to three words of descriptive text it will not be readable in NSDL standard logo dimensions and should be edited.

Digital Water Education Library (DWEL)

Atmospheric Visualization Collection (AVC)

SERC Cutting Edge

SERC Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET)

SERC Starting Point

Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET)

NASA Ed Mall

NASA Reviewed Collection

Discover Our Earth

Evaluation Toolkit (under the DLESE umbrella)

DLESE Community Collection (under the DLESE umbrella)
Alexandria Digital Library (not providing publicly)

Visionlearning, Inc

Global Learning Observations to Benefit the Environment (Globe) Program

Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT)

Wesleyan Earth and Environmental Sciences
Curricular Resouce Library (CURL)

NASA Scientific Visualization Studio
New York State Earth Science Instructional Collection
Digital Library of Indigenous Science Resources Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE)
Online Psychology Laboratory Strand Map Service
MY NASA DATA Environmental Science Activities for the 21st Century
Environmental Visualization Collection
Stone Wall Initiative (under the DLESE umbrella)
BRIDGE Bridge Resource Collection Realtime Atmospheric Data (under DLESE umbrella)
CIPE Center for Image Processing in Education (CIPE)
Electronic Encyclopedia of Earthquakes (E3)
ESSIENEarth System Science Informal Education Network (ESSIEN) Bridge NOAA Collection
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Last updated: 2007-09-17