Metadata Collections & QA

Collection building

Collection building is a process conducted over time that builds and shapes a collection into a balanced, cohesive and sought-after set of user materials. Collections are groups of resources (activities, modules, annotation, etc.) organized around a theme, organization, topic, audience, learning strategy or some criteria that can be articulated. Good collection building involves

  • Assessing the information needs of users
  • Analyzing usage statistics and demographic projections
  • Formulating and articulating of selection criteria
  • Making plans for resource sharing
  • Developing a well-defined cataloging plan; that is collecting the URL, title, description and other information about a resource
  • Maintaining metadata and resources for library
  • Exposing the collection to library users
  • Maintain relevant collection policies and guidelines

Create a DLESE collection

To create a DLESE collection, start with contribute a collection.

See DLESE collection polices

In the left-hand menu are links to DLESE collection policies, guidelines, scope statements and best practices.


  • September 2005 - accessioned 1 new collection into DLESE
  • June 2005 - beta release of the DLESE Collection System (DCS)
  • June 2004 - accessioned 6 new collections into DLESE and NSDL
  • May 2004 - release of the Contribute a Collection document and the Collection Builder's Guide
  • April 2004 - updated collection policies and guidelines based on collection building and accessioning experiences
  • September 2003 - release of a Collections Management document
  • July 2003 - link checking reports avilable over all collections and to collection builers
  • June 2003 - accessioned collections for the first time (14 of them) using the ADN and annotation metadata frameworks and the Collections Accessioning Taskforce; the collections were accessioned in DLESE and NSDL
  • March and June 2003 - collection/quality community meetings draft DLESE Reviewed Collection Best Practices
  • Spring 2003 - tested draft collection polices in actually working with collection builders



Last updated: 2005-12-08