Metadata Collections & QA

Collection framework - version 0.1.01

This page describes characteristics of a particular DLESE metadata framework and version number. Topics include:

Required metadata

Required metadata: cataloger provided

  • Long title - the formal name of the collection
  • Short title - the short name of the collection limited to 30 characters or less
  • Cost - whether there is a cost associated with using or accessing the collection
  • Audience - grade range appropriateness
  • Collection contact - the person to contact when problems in the collection arise
  • Responsible person - the person to contact if the contact person is unavailable and who has ultimate control of the collection
  • Description - a narrative describing the content, purpose or goal of the resource
  • Subject - general topic areas that the resource is about or covers
  • Scope statement URL - self explanatory
  • Access information - how the metadata records will be sent to DLESE


Required metadata: DPC provided

  • Language of the metadata - the language of the metadata or catalog record
  • Copyright of the metadata - an indication as to the ownership of the metadata
  • Terms of use - an indication as to how the metadata may be used
  • Metadata framework - the metadata scheme used to catalog the resource; there is a default value: Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) Collection Metadata
  • Creation date - the creation date of the metadata record
  • Accession date - the accession date of the item in to the collection builder's collection
  • Catalog name and number - an identifying name like DLESE and an identification number for the metadata record like a library call number
  • Record status - indicates the status of the record within a collection, such as accessioned, working, deaccessioned etc.
  • Resource cataloger - contact information for the cataloger of a resource
  • Collection status - where the collection is in the accessioning process


Tool support to create required metadata

  • Currently cataloging support is in alpha testing using the new DLESE Collection System (DCS)

Features and constraints

  • Collection builders and DPC staff work together to generate a collection-level records
  • Indicates access to the collection; i.e. how metadata records will be shared (e.g. via OAI or FTP)
  • Indicates the responsible party of a collection
  • Describe the overall characteristics of a collection (e.g. scope, audience, subjects, cost, name)
  • Describes a group of item-level metadata records (annotation, ADN, news and opportunities or other collection-level records) to make them discretely discoverable within the bounds of the DLESE Collections Accession Policy
  • Supercollections and subcollections are allowed
  • Collection builders with one or more collections in DLESE must have a collection-level record for each collection
  • For supercollections and subcollections, (e.g. a subcollection B that is part of supercollection A), two collection-level metadata records are created, one for collection A and one for collection B. Collection-level metadata record A would contain a reference to collection-level metadata record B, but not vice-versa. As such, the collection builder is encouraged to use the sets concept in OAI-PMH version 2.0 (Open Archives Initiative- Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) to facilitate the appropriate grouping of metadata records.


Last updated: 2-25-04