Metadata Collections & QA

XML: Annotation test version

Main schema

The main schema, is the schema to include in instance documents (metadata records) for validation. The main schema calls the category schemas.

  • annotation.xsd, (Include this schema in instance documents (metadata records) for validation)
  • annotationRecord is the root element
  • No category schemas exist, just vocabulary schemas

Development idea

Begin to treat the framework like the ADN framework where there are different sections (e.g. standard, rating, basic, related resource) and each of these section may have different required metadata. They would be optional and more than one section could appear in a metadata record. Would need to do this for geoteach proposals (e.g. natural feature, cultural institutions). Consider which section would make the most sense to put the hierarchical annotation idea in.


Vocabulary schemas

The vocabulary schemas define the different controlled vocabularies that are used by individual metadata fields.

  • Format
    • metadata fields: annotation.format
    • schemas: format.xsd
  • Name title
    • metadata fields: annotation.contributors.contributor.person.nameTitle
    • schemas: nametitle.xsd
  • Pathway
    • metadata fields: service.pathway
    • schemas: pathway.xsd
  • Rating
    • metadata fields: annotation.content.rating
    • schemas: rating.xsd
  • Role
  • Status
    • metadata fields: annotation.status
    • schemas: status.xsd
  • Type
    • metadata fields: annotation.type
    • schemas: type.xsd
    • vocab definitions: type.htm

Sample records

  • explanation.xml
Last updated: 2006-05-15