Metadata Collections & QA

Overview: Annotation metadata version 0.1.01

This page describes characteristics of a particular DLESE metadata framework and version number. Topics include:

Required metadata

  • Service name - the name of the service, organization or person making the annotation accessible
  • Record id - the identification number of the metadata record (provided by the service)
  • Record date - the date the metadata record is created
  • Item id - the identification number of the metadata record of the resource being annotated
  • Type - the kind of annotation
  • Date - the date of the annotation
  • Content - either a URL to of text of the annotation


Tool support to create required metadata

Features and constraints

  • Helps manage pathways to the DLESE Reviewed Collection (DRC)
  • Indicates status of annotation (complete, in progress)
  • Allows for annotation to be either the actual text or a URL to the annotation
  • Indicates format of annotation (text, graphical, audio)
  • Must annotate resources using the resource's id (catalog) number; URLs are not allowed.
  • Captures the person or organization creating the annotation
  • Assists the annotation service by allowing library users to contribute an annotation directly either by writing or drawing
Last updated: 12-14-04