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Annotation types (definitions)

Advice - A suggestion for working with the resource

Annotation - Additional information about a resource expressed in any manner

Average scores of aggregated indices - A numerical representation of quantitative information about a resource

Bias - An indication that the resource content may have any of the following: (1) factual (e.g. not just scientific) errors, (2) be in conflict with generally accepted scientific thought, (3) seems self-promoting or (4) seems to have a political, social or religious agenda

Change - Annotations that document or propose change to a source document

Comment - Remarks about a resource that express opinions or attitudes

Editor's summary - An annotation that results from the summary of several pieces of evaluation information that may describe the strengths, weaknesses, pedagogical effectiveness, best uses for or general characteristics of a resource

Educational standard - An indication that the resource meets, supports or aligns with an educational standard, that is, a level of achievement determined by a professional group to which learners are expected to aspire too

Example - A description or link to another resource that illustrates the resource content in a demonstrative way

Explanation - Information for understanding the resource, especially within its context of use but does not generally express opinions or attitudes

Information on challenging teaching and learning situations - Information for using the resource within challenging or non-typical teaching or learning environments

Question - An indication of any of the following: (1) a request for further information, (2) an asking of why something was done or (3) the raising of a point of discussion

Review - A formal or informal evaluation of a resource

See also - A reference to another resource

Teaching tip - Information for using the resource within a certain teaching or learning environment but generally not challenging or non-typical environments


Last updated: 04-21-03
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