Metadata Collections & QA

Technical fields overview

The purpose is to describe technical characteristics of resources whether the resource are online or are offline physical objects. For resources that are online, see the online section. For resources, that are offline, see the offline section.


  • Primary url - the url to the resource being described; required metadata as free text
  • Mirror urls - the urls at a different domain than the primary url at which the resource can be found; multiple entries are allowed
  • Mediums - the mime types of the resources (required metadata for NSDL); free text and multiple entries allowed
  • Size - the size of the resource (e.g. 1.3 megabytes); free text
  • Duration - the amount of time the resource take to play if it is an audio, video or movie piece (e.g. P1Y2M3DT10H30M)
  • Requirements - the type of computer requirements that are necessary to access, interact or operate a component of the resource; required metadata with a controlled vocabulary; multiple entries are allowed
    • Minimum - a minimum version number of a computer requirement
    • Maximum - a maximum version number of a computer requirement
  • Other requirements - captures other computer requirement that are not listed under the requirements field
    • Minimum - a minimum version number of a computer requirement
    • Maximum - a maximum version number of a computer requirement


  • Description - a general description of the object, this may include type of object (e.g. A rock collection from the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado); free text required metadata
  • Access - information on how to order or access the object; free text required metadata (e.g. To order this book, write to ABC Publishing at 123 Some st. Boulder, CO 80307 State book name when ordering.)
  • Type - object type (e.g. book, rock etc.); not an established vocabulary yet and therefore not required metadata

Even though the ADN metadata framework supports offline resources, the DLESE discovery system does not provide search over such resources and they are not in the library. However, for collections that DLESE provides support to in getting them to NSDL, DLESE passes on offline resources.

Further information

To see more detailed information about individual metadata fields, the allowed number of field occurrences, controlled vocabularies or XML structures, please refer to the desired version number of the framework on the left-side navigation menu and then go to the See in XML section.

Last updated: 8 -25-03