Metadata Collections & QA

General fields overview

The purpose is to describe general characteristics of resources. This includes the following:

  • Title - the name of a resource as it appears on the webpage; required metadata
  • Description - a narrative of the purpose and general characteristics of a resource; required metadata
  • Subjects - a discipline specific designation; required metadata with a controlled vocabulary; multiple entries allowed
  • Keywords free text - concepts or ideas in the form of a list that express detailed content about a resource; free text and multiples entries are allowed
  • Keywords controlled vocabulary - concepts or ideas from controlled vocabularies that express detailed content about the resource. Controlled vocabularies must meet DLESE technical, semantic and cataloging use specifications and be community-vested; controlled vocabularies with multiples entries allowed
  • Language - the language of the resource; required metadata

Because the description field is one of the most read/used fields by library users, it should be complete sentences and not repeat information that is found in other parts of the framework. For the keywords controlled vocabulary field, any vocabulary can be used but there is a process in order to become an approved and vested vocabulary. The keywords controlled vocabulary field is also not required and therefore only keyword search will be provided over it, no targeted search.

Further information

To see more detailed information about individual metadata fields, the allowed number of field occurrences, controlled vocabularies or XML structures, please refer to the desired version number of the framework on the left-side navigation menu and then go to the See in XML section.

Last updated: 8 -25-03