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XML: ADN version 0.6.50

This page provides links to the XML files (main schema, controlled vocabulary schemas and instance documents) for a specific framework and version number. DLESE metadata uses XML schema and therefore the DLESE metadata frameworks are strongly data typed and are often maintained across several XML schema documents. The schemas for a particular framework are organized via an overarching or main schema (see below). This main schema may call different category and vocabulary schemas to create the framework.

To obtain all the XML schema files as a bundle for a particular framework and version, please contact and request either a unix tar file or a windows zip file. Be sure to include the name of the framework and the desired version number (e.g. ADN version 0.6.50).

Main schema

  • record.xsd (Include this schema in instance documents (metadata records) for validation)
  • news-oppsRecord is the root element
  • No category schemas exist, just vocabulary schemas

Category schemas

The category schemas define distinct sections of the adn item-level metadata framework. The schemas are:

  • Commonfields - common fields across the different categories of the framework
  • Educational - educational or pedagogic features like audience, learning goals, grade range, standards
  • General - describes the overall characteristics of a resource collection (e.g. subjects, keywords, audience, title, description)
  • Geospatial Coverages - describes the area of the surface of the Earth (or other planetary body) that a resource is about, includes bounding boxes and detailed geometries using latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Lifecyle - describes resource creator and publication information
  • MetaMetaData - resource cataloger information and conditions of use of the metadata
  • Relations - relationships to other resources
  • Rights - describes rights, copyright information and conditions of use of the resource
  • Objects in Space - objects not of our solar system but that can be located by right ascension, declination and epoch
  • Technical - describes computer requirement for online resources or access information for offline resources
  • Temporal Coverages - describes temporal characteristics like time in the past, present, future and relative, that is, time (AD, BC or billion or millions of years ago)


Vocabulary schemas

The vocabulary schemas define the different controlled vocabularies that are used by individual metadata fields. The schema labels below indicate who the vocabulary was adopted from. See acronym descriptions for the full name of an organization.

  • Beneficiaries
    • metadata fields: educational.audiences.audience.beneficiary
    • schemas: DLESE, GEM
  • Coordinate system
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.coordinateSystem.type
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Cost
    • metadata fields: rights.cost
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Date
    • metadata fields: and
    • schemas: date.xsd
  • Defaults
    • metadata fields: several different fields
    • schemas: defaults.xsd
  • Geodetic Datum Global or Horizontal
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.geodeticDatumGlobalOrHorz
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Geodetic Datum Global or Vertical
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.geodeticDatumGlobalOrVert and geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.detVert.geodeticDatumGlobalOrVert
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Geographic point order
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.geoPtOrder
    • schemas: geoPtOrder.xsd
  • Grade range
    • metadata fields: educational.audiences.audience.gradeRange
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Interactivity level
    • metadata fields: educational.interactivityLevel
    • schemas: LOM
  • Interactivity type
    • metadata fields: educational.interactivityType
    • schemas: LOM
  • Kind
    • metadata fields: relations.relation.idEntry.kind and relations.relation.urlEntry.kind
    • schemas: DLESE DC
  • Name title
    • metadata fields: lifecycle.contributors.contributor.person.nameTitle and metaMetadata.contributors.contributor.person.nameTitle
    • schemas: nametitle.xsd
  • Object type
    • metadata fields: technical.offline.objectTypes.objectType
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Planet
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.body.planet
    • schemas: planet.xsd
  • Projection
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.projection.type
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Record status
    • metadata fields: metaMetadata.statusOf.status
    • schemas: status.xsd
  • Requirements - technical
    • metadata fields:
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Resource type
    • metadata fields: educational.resourceTypes.resourceType
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Role - catalogers
  • Role - creators
    • metadata fields: lifecycle.contributors.contributor.role
    • schemas: roleLifecycle.xsd
  • Standards - content
  • Standards - process
    • metadata fields: educational.processStandards.processStandard
    • schemas: NCTM
  • Standards - teaching
    • metadata fields: educational.teachingStandards.teachingStandard
    • schemas: NSES, NETS
  • Status
    • metadata fields: metaMetadata.statusOf.status
    • schemas: status.xsd
    • metadata fields: general.subjects.subject
    • schemas: DLESE
  • SubjectOther
    • metadata fields:general.subjectsOther.subjectOther
    • schemas: DLESE
  • Teaching methods
    • metadata fields: educational.audiences.audience.teachingMethods.teachingMethod
    • schemas: DLESE, GEM
  • Time units
    • metadata fields: temporalsCoverages.timeAndPeriod.timeInfo.timeRelative.begin.units and temporalsCoverages.timeAndPeriod.timeInfo.timeRelative.end.units
    • schemas: timeUnits.xsd
  • Tool for educators
    • metadata fields: educational.audiences.audience.toolFor
    • schemas: DLESE, GEM
  • Type of detailed geometry
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.typeDetGeo
    • schemas: typeDetGeo.xsd
  • Vertical base level
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.boundBox.bbVert.vertBase and geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.detVert.vertBase
    • schemas: vertBase.xsd
  • Vertical units
    • metadata fields: geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.boundBox.bbVert.vertMin.units, geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.boundBox.bbVert.vertMax.units, geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.detVert.vertMin.units and geospatialCoverages.geospatialCoverage.detGeos.detGeo.detVert.vertMax.units
    • schemas: verticalUnits.xsd


Fixed schema values

  • metaMetadata.scheme: ADN (ADEPT/DLESE/NASA Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype/Digital Library for Earth System Education/National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Sample records

  • record.xml (catalogs an online resource; shows example entries for almost every metadata field; evolves as the framework evolves)
  • required.xml (shows only required metadata for an online resource)
  • physical-object.xml (catalogs an offline resource like a rock; only the technical tag set changes

Acronym descriptions (alpha order)

  • AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • ADN: (ADEPT/DLESE/NASA Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype/Digital Library for Earth System Education/National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • DC: Dublin Core
  • DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education
  • GEM: Gateway to Educational Materials
  • LOM: Learning Object Metadata
  • NCGE: National Council for Geographic Education
  • NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • NETS: National Educational Technology Standards Project from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • NSES: National Science Education Standards
Last updated: 6-11-03